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Online Application Process and Procedures at Qatar Academy Sidra

Thank you for your interest in Qatar Academy Sidra. We seek to ensure that all students who are admitted to the school will thrive in an environment of high academic expectations, will be able to benefit from a well-rounded education provided, and flourish socially and behaviorally within the school community.

1. Completion of QAS Online Admission Form

The first step toward being considered for enrollment at QAS involves filling out our online admission form with all the required documentations. Please click on the following online admission link https://qas.openapply.com/ to access our online application form. Upon completion of the online admission form you will receive an e-mail confirming that your account has been created. It includes as well the Login and password information in addition to a link that refers you to the parents login page.

** No admission decision can be made prior to the completion of the online application process.

2. Submission of Supplementary Application Requirements

The following application requirements must be scanned and submitted within the online application form in order for your child to be considered:

Recent passport-sized photograph of the student.

Applicant's 3 end of year reports. (for applicants to Kindergarten, please provide the most recent report from Nursery or Pre-K only)

Applicant's passport and birth certificate.

Father's (or Guardian's passport), including a scanned copy of the visa for non GCC nationals.

Father's passport or ID for Qataris.

Mother's passport

Immunization card

Language profile form

Medical form

Leaving certificate for students transferring during the academic year.

QF Entity Acknowledgement Letter.

Confidential School Report.

3. Non Refundable Application Fee

A total of QR 500 non-refundable application fee is due after the application is submitted online. You will be receiving an electronic invoice by e-mail. You can also access this invoice from your personal Applicant Status page by logging in to https://qas.openapply.com/parents/sign_in . At this stage, parent can proceed with online payment.

4. Checklist Items Pending parent completion

In case any of the application requirements mentioned above were not appropriately fulfilled, you will be receiving a note via e-mail with the list of checklist items that are still pending your completion. You will be asked to review and complete these items on your Application status login page here https://qas.openapply.com/parents/sign_in .Once you have completed uploading the missing items, we can move to the next stage in the admissions process.

5. Testing Schedule

At this stage, parent should understand that this is an application for admission and filling the online admission form does not guarantee enrolment. The Admissions Office reviews the completed online applications and determines whether the applicant may be tested for admission. The Admissions Office then notifies parents with the decision and to schedule testing dates for applicants proceeding to the next stage of the process. Parents will be automatically notified by an e-mail and the same notification will appear on the parent dashboard.

6. Previous Learning Support Assessment

At the point of admission to Qatar Academy Sidra, it is made clear to all prospective students and their parents that they are expected to cooperate with the teaching and support staff and to promote the greater good of the whole community. It is our goal to establish a full partnership with parents in order to promote the interests of the student body. This partnership must be based upon mutual honesty and respect. We have the right to expect full submission/disclosure of any learning support assessment or identified need, or medical condition or disability, which could require specialist treatment, support or equipment, and any behavioral or disciplinary issues known to parents at the point of application. This information is essential to assist with any interview or other admissions screening processes.

7. On site Admissions screening and entry assessments procedures

Students who apply to the school must meet the school's academic entrance requirements. At each grade level, we administer a screening assessment that is designed specifically for the grade for which a student is applying for admission that is focused on the skills embedded in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) of the United States and the standards from the SEC in Qatar. In certain circumstances, a cognitive ability test might also be administered to ensure we are making a decision in the best interest of the child. Parents are asked to submit/disclose any information that might help us make an informed admissions decision at the time of application.

At all levels, we reserve the right to make direct contact with any previous school or educational establishment and to request a confidential report. This will ask for comment on academic progress to date, involvement in the broader life of the school, and general behavioral standards.

Collectively, all this information allows Qatar Academy Sidra to be reasonably confident that it is the right school academically for each student and to tailor our academic courses to meet the needs of students. The school wants to be able to educate and develop each student to the best of his ability, and to ensure that any prospective student will be academically and socially at ease with his peers. In this way there is every chance that all students will emerge at the end of their time at Qatar Academy Sidra having enjoyed the school and confident in their next steps.

8. Admission Policy & Selection Criteria

The Admissions policy of Qatar Academy Sidra has been expanded to service the families employed at all QF entities. The criteria below will be used to determine priorities for consideration of students, as well as the successful passing entrance tests and meeting of admission criteria. New or wait pool students will be admitted according to seat availability and QF schools priory policy:

1. Siblings of current QAS students

2. Graduates of QA EECs.

3. QF Sponsored New International Teachers’ children for all grades

4. QF Qatari Employee’s (Male and Female) children for all grades

5. QF Sponsored Non-Qatari employee’s children for all grades – without siblings in QAS.

6. QAS Non sponsored non-Qatari employee’s children for all grades.

7. QF Staff Community children-This would include the children of parents who works for the QF Universities in Education City.

8. QF Trainee employees’ children.

9. Non-QF employees’ children.

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